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Affenpinscher65 basic shave, 72 brush out
Afgan86 basic shave, 109 brush out
Airedale79 basic shave, 94 breed pattern
Akita75 deshed, 95 shave
American Eskimo72 deshed, 89 shave
Australian Shepard78 deshed and trim, 98 shave
Basenji49 deshed
Basset Hound58 deshed
Beagle49 deshed
Bearded Collie79 shave, 99 matted shave, 120+ brush out
Bedlington69 basic shave, 84 breed pattern
Belgian Shepherd (Single Coat)82 deshed, 102 shave
Belgian Shepherd (Double Coat)89 deshed and trim, 102 shave
Bernese Mountain Dog88 deshed, 120+ shave
Bichon66 basic shave, 78 breed pattern
Blood Hound56 deshed
Border Collie (Double Coat)74 deshed and trim, 96 shave
Border Collie (Single Coat)56 deshed
Border Terrier45 deshed, 62 deshed and trim, 69 shaved
Borzoi88 basic shave, 118+ breed pattern
Boston Terrier43 deshed
Bouvier84 basic shave, 125+ breed pattern
Boxer56 deshed
Briard76 basic shave, 110 breed trim
Brittany Spaniel59 deshed, 68 deshed and trim, 79 shave
Brussels Griffon42 deshed, 66 trim/shave
Bulldog56 deshed
Bullmastiff62 deshed
Cairn Terrier69 basic shave, 85 breed pattern
Cavalier King Charles69 basic shave, 85 breed pattern
Chihuahua (Short)43 deshed
Chihuahua (Long)62 deshed and trim, 69 shaved
Chinese Crested42 trim
Chinese Crested Powderpuff66 shaved, 89 breed pattern brush out and trim
Chow135 deshed, 205 shave
Cockapoo72 basic shave
Cocker / English Spaniel76 basic shave, 89 breed pattern
Collie – Rough94 deshed and trim, 99 shave
Collie – Smooth56 deshed
Coon Hound58 deshed
Corgi69 deshed and trim, 82 shave
Dachshund - standard49 deshed
Dachshund - mini62 trim, 68 shave
Dalmatian59 deshed
Doberman59 deshed
Doberman - mini42 deshed
German Shepherd82 deshed, 102 shave
German Wirehair69 deshed, 78 basic shave
Goldendoodle82 basic shave, 92+ matted shave
Golden Retreiver79 deshed and trim, 94+ shave
Gr. Pyrenese / Kuvasz115 deshed and trim, 135+ shave
Greyhound49 deshed
Havanese64 basic shave, 78+ brush out
Husky82 deshed, 108 shave
Irish or Gordon Setter78 deshed and trim, 94 shave
Jack Russell48 deshed, 62 wire shave down
Japanese Chin62 deshed and trim, 66 basic shave
Keeshond89 deshed and trim, 105+ shave
Kerry or Irish Blue Terrier76 basic shave, 99 brush out or breed trim
Labradoodle84 basic shave
Labrador56 deshed
Lakeland Terrier68 basic shave, 78 breed pattern
Lhasa Apso71 basic shave, 79 matted shave, 89+ brush out
Lowchen71 basic shave, 94 breed pattern
Malamute89 deshed, 114 shave down
Maltese63 basic shave, 69 matted shave, 75+ brush out
Newfoundland109 deshed and trim, 130 shave
Norwegian Elkhound80 deshed, 106 shave
Norwich/Norfolk Terrier56 deshed, 66 deshed and trim, 76 breed pattern
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver68 deshed and trim, 81 shave
Old English Sheepdog109 basic shave, 165+ brush out
Papillon63 deshed and trim, 73 shave down
Pekingese64 deshed and trim, 76 shave down
Pomeranian62 deshed and trim, 72 shave down
Poodle - Toy or Mini66 basic shave, 76+ matted shave
Poodle - Standard79 basic shave, 90+ matted shave
Portugese Water Dog79 basic shave, 90+ matted shave, 99 breed pattern
Pug43 deshed
Rottweiler64 deshed
Saint Bernard120 deshed and trim, 165+ shave down
Samoyed84 deshed and trim, 114+ shave down
Schnauzer - mini66 basic shave, 78 breed pattern
Schnauzer - giant85 basic shave, 105 breed pattern
Schnoodle65 basic shave
Scottish Terrier68 basic shave, 78 breed pattern
Shar-pei65 deshed and folds
Shiba Inu56 deshed, 72 shave down
Sheltie69 deshed and trim, 89 shave down
Shih-Tzu64 basic shave, 69+ matted shave, 79+ brush out
Visla56 deshed
Water Spaniel79 basic shave, 99 brushout or breed pattern
Westie68 basic shave, 79 breed pattern
Weimariner56 deshed
Wheaton Terrier79 basic shave, 99 breed pattern
Whippet45 deshed
Wire Fox Terrier48 deshed, 68 basic shave, 79 breed pattern
Yorkshire Terrier62 basic shave, 76 brush out