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“Just wanted to say thanks for a great job you did with our dog Chooch. We never used a groomer before, and our dog, who is 6 has never been to one either. Chooch unfortunately decided that she did not want anything to do with grooming that day and was not very welcoming to the groomer. I thought for sure that it was a bad idea and there was no way that it was going to happen. Your groomer, however, was very patient and kind, and worked with Chooch and waited for her to calm down, and eventually we were able to get her in and he was able to work his magic! Chooch came out about 45 mintes later smelling great and looking awesome with her nice haircut! We both love how she looks and even though she wouldn’t let on, I know she is happy too by the way she struts her stuff out in the yard. Thanks again!”

-Shay H.
“I am extremely happy with the service that you offer. My Yorkshire Terrier, ELMO, has never looked better. The care and attention that he was given before and during his grooming was amazing. Even Elmo was happy after his trip to the “spa”. He smelled great and was absolutely beautiful. Having the groomers come to my house is a huge benefit. He is 10 months old and I have had him for a little over a month, so it was the first time I had him groomed. I was worried about taking he somewhere and having to leave him for who knows how long. So knowing that he was right outside of my house was a big plus. In about an hour he was back and cuter than ever. Thank you so much and keep up the great work. You’ll be hearing from me again soon!”

-Crysta D.
“I just want to let you know that I think the service you offer is great. Mikki our beloved Yorkshire terrier is not stressed getting groomed and is not away at the groomer for hours on end. Within an hour he is done looking and smelling great. He has the full attention of the groomer and we feel better knowing he is right outside being well taken care of . Thank you for what you do it is a great service that we love.”

-Barbara H.
“Thank you to mobilepetcuts. You did such a great job on my Shih Tzu, Reggie. He looks fantastic and this is the first time he was not completely stressed after a grooming. I will definitely pass your information on to others!”

-Michelle M.
“Want to let you know that we were pleased with your service to Max on Wed. First time he was groomed that he was not totally stressed when he came home. The mobile service is a God sent, fast, easy and well done. Will call you for his next grooming.”

-Peg M.
“I was very happy with the way Peppy looked and smelled. He looks like a
young pup. No one could get the back of his legs with the redness
clean. I am very happy with your work. Will be calling.”

-Rose P.
“Just wanted to thank you for your friendly service and your reasonable prices…we will definitely recommend you to others! It was so nice not having to load our two big akitas up in our minivan and haul them somewhere for a bath. Great job, guys!”

-Suzy V.
“Thank You so much for the wonderful grooming service that you provided to us!!!!!!!!! The dogs look really great and we are very pleased… We will be scheduling with you again soon and are recommending you to all of our family and friends! You guys are awesome. Cannot thank You enough.”

– Debra B.
“I want to thank you so so very much for your support. I cried last time you were here and I saw Nellie with her bow. It is really uplifting for me that you have reached out and helped me in this way. Those sweet dogs have been my backbone more that you can imagine and when they get all prettied and freshened from your work it makes us all feel a little more jazzy and special. You are good people and I want you to know you have made a special mark on me with your kindness.”

– Kathy K.
“Thank you so very much for always doing such a great job on Zeus & Athena. I love how they look when you are finished bathing and grooming them. I am sure glad I found you guys. Your the best. Zeus and Athena just love it because they are outside their home and don’t have to go anywhere! Thank you again.”

– Helen P.
“We are very happy with the grooming you performed on Duncan today. I could not wait to see how he looked when I got home from work today. He looks great!
I am impressed with the customer focus your business model provides. You were punctual and had everything you needed to provide grooming services. I hope our neighbors saw the signage on your vehicles but, if they didn’t, we’ll be passing your name along.
Duncan is feeling proud of his looks. I took him for a walk around the block to show him off.
Thank you for a great job,”

– Dave and Patty A.

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