Here’s some useful information about mobile grooming and our service:

1. We currently cover the Lower Bucks County. We do not work in any part of Philadelphia or New Jersey.

2. Appointments times are approximate! Dogs and traffic are large variables. Please allow a window both before and after the set time for the groomers to arrive.

3. The average appointment takes between 30 min.(Half Groom) and 1 1/2 hours(Full Groom) per pooch.

4. We have a generator to supply ALL of our power, and a tank to supply our water. Our unit is climate controlled.

5. During the grooming process the sight of people usually excites the dog, please do not look into the windows unannounced, as this can result in injury to both pet and groomer. You may ring the doorbell at any time – this may also excite the pooch, but at least we’re more prepared for it!

6. We prefer to park in the street in front of your home, please allow as much room as possible for our bus.

8. Please let your pooch relieve itself a few times before our scheduled arrival.