We offer competitive pricing for a full range of grooming services. Use the chart below the products and services listed to find the breed that most closely matches your dog

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All Cats30 hairless, 70 brush out, 95 shave down
Affenpinscher85 basic shave, 95 brush out
Afgan110 basic shave, 155 brush out
Airedale115 basic shave, 145 breed pattern
Akita110 deshed, 135 shave
Anatolian Shepherd120 deshed, 155 shave
Australian Shepherd108 deshed and trim, 130 shave, 100 mini deshed/trim
Basenji70 deshed
Basset Hound84 deshed
Beagle75 deshed, 102 shave
Bearded Collie120 shave,190+ brush out
Bedlington85 basic shave, 105 breed pattern
Belgian Shepherd (Single Coat)105 deshed, 145 shave
Belgian Shepherd (Double Coat)120 deshed and trim, 145 shave
Bergamasco140 Shave Only
Bernese Mountain Dog130 deshed/trim, 160+ shave
Bichon98 basic shave, 125 breed pattern
Black Russian Terrier120 basic shave, 160 breed cut
Blood Hound82 deshed
Border Collie (Double Coat)98 deshed and trim,130 shave
Border Collie (Single Coat)86 deshed
Border Terrier70 deshed, 80 deshed and trim, 90 shaved
Borzoi120 basic shave, 150 breed pattern
Boston Terrier70 deshed
Bouvier105 basic shave, 130+ breed pattern
Boxer80 deshed
Briard110 basic shave, 160 breed pattern
Brittany Spaniel85 deshed, 95 deshed and trim, 110 shave
Brussels Griffon70 deshed, 85 trim/shave
Bulldog (English, American, Victorian)83 deshed
Bulldog (French)70 deshed
Bull Mastiff105 deshed
Cairn Terrier94 basic shave, 110 breed pattern
Cane Corso95 deshed
Cavalier King Charles95 basic shave, 110 breed pattern
Chihuahua (Short)70 deshed
Chihuahua (Long)90 deshed and trim, 100 shaved
Chinese Crested70 bath/trim
Chinese Crested Powderpuff85 shaved, 110 breed pattern brush out and trim
Chow320 deshed, 480 shave
Cockapoo99 basic shave
Cocker / English Spaniel107 basic shave, 125 breed pattern
Collie – Rough140 deshed and trim, 165+ shave
Collie – Smooth90 deshed
Coon Hound82 deshed
Corgi99 deshed and trim, 110 shave
Dachshund - standard size80 smooth deshed, 90 long hair deshed/trim, 95 long hair shave
Dachshund - mini70 smooth deshed, 80 long hair deshed/trim, 90 long hair shave
Dalmatian80 deshed
Doberman85 deshed
Doberman - mini70 deshed
English Spaniel107 basic shave, 125 breed pattern
Eskimo115 deshed/trim, 130 shave
German Shepherd120 deshed, 150 shave
German Shorthair85 deshed
German Wirehair90 deshed, 100 basic shave
Golden Mountain Doodle150 shave
Golden Retriever 110 deshed and trim, 130 shave
Goldendoodle125 basic shave
Goldendoodle (mini - under 40 pounds)105 basic shave
Gordon Setter105 deshed/trim, 120 shave, 125 breed pattern
Great Dane95 deshed
Great Pyrenese or Kuvasz160 deshed and trim, 195 shave
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog90 deshed
Greyhound75 deshed
Havanese95 basic shave, 115+ brush out
Husky125 deshed, 150+ shave
Irish or Gordon Setter105 deshed and trim, 125 shave
Irish Terrier80, deshed/trim
Jack Russell70 smooth deshed, 85 wire deshed, 95 wire shave down
Japanese Chin90 deshed and trim, 95 basic shave
Japanese Spitz115 deshed and trim, 140 shave
Keeshond120 deshed and trim, 150 shave
Kerry or Irish Blue Terrier100 basic shave, 135 brush out or breed trim
Labradoodle120 basic shave
Labrador85 deshed, 105 shave
Lagotto Romagnolo110 basic shave, 150 breed pattern
Lakeland Terrier80 basic shave, 105 breed pattern
Lhasa Apso100 basic shave, 130+ brush out
Lowchen95 basic shave, 120 breed pattern
Malamute130 deshed/trim, 150+ shave down
Maltese90 basic shave, 115 brush out
Mastiff (English)105 deshed
Mastiff (Neapolitan)105 deshed
Newfoundland140 deshed and trim, 175 shave
Norwegian Elkhound120 deshed, 145 shave
Norwich/Norfolk Terrier75 deshed, 80 deshed and trim, 95 breed pattern
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver90 deshed and trim, 105 shave
Old English Sheepdog145 basic shave, 225+ brush out
Papillon90 deshed and trim, 95 shave down
Pekingese90 deshed and trim, 100 shave down
Pitbull80 deshed
Pointer80 deshed
Pomeranian95 deshed and trim, 110 shave down, 115 lion cut
Poodle - Toy or Mini90 basic shave, 135 breed pattern
Poodle - Standard115 basic shave, 155 breed pattern
Portuguese Water Dog110 basic shave, 150 breed pattern
Pug70 deshed, 95 shave
Rottweiler110 deshed
Saint Bernard155 deshed and trim, 195 shave down
Samoyed125 deshed, 170 shave
Schipperke95 deshed/trim, 115 shave
Schnauzer - mini95 basic shave, 110 breed pattern
Schnauzer - giant120 basic shave, 150 breed pattern
Schnoodle95 basic shave
Scottish Terrier95 basic shave, 110 breed pattern
Shar-pei100 deshed and folds
Sheltie105 deshed and trim, 125 shave down
Shiba Inu90 deshed, 115 shave down
Shih-Tzu90 basic shave, 115+ brush out
Springer Spaniel100 deshed/trim, 110 basic shave, 125 breed pattern
Staffordshire Terrier80 deshed
Tibetan Terrier95 basic shave, 145+ brush out
Tibetan Mastiff160 deshed and trim, 225 shave
Visla75 deshed
Water Spaniel110 basic shave, 140 breed pattern or brushout
Weimariner80 deshed
Welsh Terrier90 basic shave, 105 breed pattern
Westie90 basic shave, 110 breed pattern
Wheaton Terrier110 basic shave, 135 breed pattern
Whippet70 deshed
Wire Fox Terrier90 basic shave, 100 breed pattern
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon115 basic shave
Yorkshire Terrier90 basic shave, 115 brush out

Includes: Nail cutting, nail grinding, full foot trim, and an aloe pad treatment
Only $19.95!

Shampoo Upgrades:

Keto-Hexadine: $5.00

Highly effective anti-fungal/anti-bacterial.

OATMEAL: $5.00

For itchy skin, flaky skin


For sensitive skin

Shampoo Add-ons:


ALL NATURAL flea and tick formula


Whitens and enhances colors!!


Loosens undercoat and conditions hair for less shedding in the future

Deodorizing $3.00

Baking Soda formula to remove tougher odors

Anti-Itch $3.00

Pramoxine based for serious relief


Spa Extras:

Tooth Brushing $6

Enzymatic, hydrogen peroxide gel used with a disposable toothbrush fights tartar build-up and bad breath, plus has a poultry flavor for happy dogs.

Double Bath $25

For those extra dirty or greasy dogs.

Ear Sanitizing $5

Boracetic ear flush offers a deeper cleaning with a sting-free anti-fungal/anti-bacterial solution.

Nail Grinding $9

Great for hardwood floors, houses with small children and dogs that love to jump up onto furniture or people.

Healing Pad Balm $4

Heals and conditions a dogs pads to protect from damage.

Aloe Foot Soak $3

Formulated with pure natural aloe to relief itching, soreness, and the causes of chewing.

Facial Scrub $5

Specifically designed for the deep cleaning of folds and to help with the removal of tear stains and crusting. Available in three long-lasting scents: Plum Perfect, Rainforest Clean, and Oatmeal Baking Soda.

Avocado Coat Rub $8

A fresh avocado is diced and then blended with a shampoo base.


SALES TAX is charged on all services.
We accept Cas, Checks, Credit/Debit Cards, or Paypal. there will be a $25 charge for returned checks.

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